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Clinical Hypnosis, Derby

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with a huge range of medical conditions because the mind has a powerful influence over our body and health.

Hypnotherapy can have an effect wherever there is a psychological influence on the problem:
- Your mental approach actually influences the healing process
- Many medical conditions are exacerbated and even caused by psychological influences such as stress
Given this, pretty much all medical conditions have the potential to be helped and sometimes cured using hypnotherapy alone. I do, however, usually work in tandem with your GP and medical advice shoud always be sought first for medical conditions. Please ring me to discuss whether (and to what degree) I can help with your own particular condition.

Clinical Hypnosis, Derby

Mind over matter
Mind over matter is one thing but 'sub-conscious mind over matter' is another matter altogether.

Many years ago whilst suffering with yet another cold I realised something very odd. I asked my friend how come in the 10 years that I'd known him he'd NEVER had a single cold!?
His stunning answer still brings a smile to my face and was to open my mind to the many mechanisms that make hypnotherapy so effective. He replied:

"I don't believe in them."

Beautiful, simple and powerful. He'd come to believe that colds were 'all in the mind' and as a result he stopped getting them altogether! I loved this idea so much that it soon became my belief and now I very rarely get them either!

Clinical Hypnosis, Derby

Mind / Body balance
The mind really is that powerful but as it turns out it's the sub-conscious mind that truly governs our healing and health. The conscious mind can attack thoughts that might change the way we fundamentally think or behave. However, in the above case we both somehow managed to slip this 'crazy idea' past the guard to where the powerful subconscious could make it a reality for us. Hypnotherapy however, is the arena in which you can tell your subconscious to take control in a medical capacity .

There has recently been a massive increase in medical research into the effect our minds have over our health. It is now widely accepted that the psychological influence of e.g., depression and stress can cause a host of medical problems e.g., stomach ulcers, suppression of the immune system, ... If you scan the list above-opposite you will quickly see that many of those conditions are already linked with stress.

Clinical Hypnosis, Derby

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- Clinical hypnotherapy has the potential to help with a whole host of medical conditions such as:
- Allergies see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Arthritis *see also Pain page
- Asthma * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Bed wetting see also Habit page
- Blushing see also Stress / Anxiety pagesee also Habit page
- Bruxism * see also Stress / Anxiety pagesee also Habit page
- Burns * (healing) see also Pain page
- Chronic Fatigue / ME *
- Circulation * see also Relaxation page
- Constipation * see also IBS page
- Diarrhea * see also IBS page
- Enuresis see also Habit page
- Fainting * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Fatigue * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Gagging, heaving see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Hay fever
- Healing (faster healing processes)
- Headaches, cluster headaches * see also Stress / Anxiety pagesee also Pain page
- Hypertension * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) * see also IBS page
- Immune system boosting see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Indigestion * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Low Energy * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Menstrual problems * incl. pre-menstrual tension, dysmenorrhoea & amenorrhoea
- Migraine * see also Stress / Anxiety pagesee also Pain page
- Morning sickness
- Motion/travel sickness
- ME * (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)
- Nausea * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Pain(relief&management)* see also Pain page
- Pre-menstrual Tension (PMT)
- Post-operative healing see also Pain page
- Sensory development
- Skin problems * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Sweating * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Tinnitus *
- Tooth grinding * see also Stress / Anxiety page
- Warts

Hypnotherapy may also help you cope with a chronic condition or terminal ilness.

If your condition is not on the list just call on the number below to see if and how much I can help.

hypno-therapy for self esteem, Derby

* for these issues it is officially recommended that you first seek medical advice via your GP

Clinical Hypnosis, Derby

Subconscious healing
The solution is simple:
Where the mind is powerful enough to cause / exacerbate such medical conditions,
... it is powerful enough to treat/cure such medical conditions.

In hypnosis I'll explore with you how to harness this 'power'. Sometimes we can create deep visualisations of what we want to happen at a biological level in your body. Other times we can request the subconscious in a general way and it 'just knows' what to do to heal you. Confidence boosting and deep relaxation techniques are usually very effective first steps too.

There are no gaurantees that hypnotherapy will cure your condition for you.However, it is frequently highly effective, particularly in cases where orthodox medical approaches have failed to help. Please call me for any advice using the number below.

Clinical Hypnosis, Derby

hypnotherapy for self esteem, Derby

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

Clinical hypnotherapy would most likely involve:

Learning to relax deeply
Staying in calm control of everyday life, is generally the first step as it is a very effective place to start with most conditions. When we know we can remain relaxed and calm we build a sense of effectiveness and a confidence in our ability to manage our own thoughts and emotions without stress.

Using hypnotic suggestions
for building confidence
In a state of deep hypnotic relaxation clients are given powerful suggestions for feeling more in control, more confident and more effective in their lives. This allows the client to cope better with their existing symptoms, but also boosts them to help them achieve the changes they desire.

Physiological understanding
By increasing, where possible, the client's understanding of the source of their symptoms we can generate visualisations aimed at healing. Furthermore we can often lessen the impact of the symptoms just from the understanding alone, e.g., with panic attacks or blushing.

Anatomical and abstract visualisations
By visualising (in hypnosis) the physiological changes needed to eradicate the condition, the subconscious learns what it is that it must do to heal you. It may then just orchestrate these changes as requested. Some people prefer abstract visualisations e.g. their own miniature army fighting the infection's motley crew. Others prefer to visualise the true anatomical picture their GP or consultant has given them e.g., tendons, blood flow, nerves, vertebrae etc,... undergoing the required changes.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion
For some conditions, particularly where there is no known physiological cause, powerful suggestions can be made that the problem will improve without having to know how the subconscious does it. e.g., the energy levels of a Chronic Fatigue sufferer may increase purely from suggestions that they will.

hypnotherapy for self esteem, Derby

Treatment Length
Treatment length varies greatly depending on the condition and your own specific circumstances. Please call for more details.

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