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... and self-esteem: hypnotherapy for confidence, Derby

We could all do with more confidence
... and hypnotherapy is usually extremely effective at restoring it.

Those seeking help for confidence range from people with chronic low self-esteem to high-achievers who may have experienced a setback and need quickly to rebuild their confidence.

People struggling with chronic low confidence have usually not developed habits of mind and action that generate that robust sense of self-confidence. Hypnotherapy can give a powerful and effective solution that quickly rebuilds confidence and develops strong self-esteem.

hypnotherapy for confidence, Derby

A real necessity
Confidence is a core psychological necessity. More than any other aspect of our make up it is our confidence that fuels our ability to engage successfully with our world.

When our confidence is low our sense of what we "can do" gets limited - sometimes the idea of an evening with friends, a business meeting or even stepping out our front door seems out of reach.

hypnotherapy for confidence, Derby

How we see the world around us
The reasons behind low confidence or self esteem are varied. It could be that parents were too critical of you as a child, or perhaps a teacher could have embarrassed you in front of the class, or maybe you made a mistake at work.

Its the way we view what happens to us that makes the difference. You might lose an argument and feel that your confidence or self esteem has been dented. Someone else may lose an argument but keep their confidence and maintain their esteem intact. It really does come down to how you look at life.

Once you discover that you do have control over the way you think about such things, you can then redirect your thoughts in more productive ways so that you end up encouraging yourself rather than bringing yourself down. Remember that people with good confidence and healthy self esteem have life's events happening to them too. It is how you chose to deal with those events that makes the difference and this can be learned fast and robustly with hypnotherapy.

hypnotherapy for confidence, Derby
hypno-therapy for self esteem, Derby

The following is meant to be a reasonably comprehensive list of situations that you may have difficulty with. You might struggle with one, two, or lots of them and this might suggest that you could benefit from hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has been used to help people find confidence in all these areas:

Public speaking see also Performance page
Job interviews see also Performance page
Presentations see also Performance page
Social Anxiety / Social Phobia see also Phobia pagesee also Stress / Anxiety page
One-off stressful situations
Exams and tests see also Performance page
General Shyness
Stage fright see also Performance page
Driving tests see also Performance page
Lack of confidence
Meetings with partners
Commitment Phobia
Low self-esteem in general
Fear of being rejected
Fear of driving...

hypno-therapy for self esteem, Derby
hypnotherapy for self esteem, Derby

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence is different for every person but would most likely involve:

Use guided imagery to take you somewhere peaceful, calm and relaxing. Almost all clients benefit from learning how to relax. When we know we can calm down and relax we build a sense of effectiveness plus a confidence in our ability to manage our emotions and thoughts.

Use hypnotic suggestions
for building self-esteem
, and this is usually the first treatment most clients receive. Nearly everyone I work with benefits from initial gains in self-esteem; since the sense of belief in our own abilities influences how we feel, think, behave and motivate ourselves.

Use hypnotic suggestions
for building confidence
In a state of hypnotic relaxation you are given suggestions for feeling more confident in yourself, more effective in your life and more in control.

Draw on past experience
Also clients learn how to remember and focus on previous experiences of confidence and success while discovering how to view experiences of failure and low confidence as learning situations.

Mental rehearsal
In hypnosis clients can rehearse situations where they wish to feel more confident - and through this experience of mental rehearsal in hypnosis they establish a sense of self-mastery that can powerfully influence performance in real life situations.

hypnotherapy for self esteem, Derby

- These treatments for confidence & self-esteem may help with:
Assertiveness, Business failures, Confidence, Dis-figurements, Inhibitions, Interviewssee also Performance page, Jealousy, Memory Enhancementsee also Performance page, Procrastination, Rejection, Self-consciousness, Self-esteem, Self-image, Self-growth, Shyness and Speech impediments.

hypnotherapy for self esteem

Treatment Length
This varies from person to person but on average clients work with me for 3 to 6 sessions for confidence.

hypnotherapy for self esteem

Hypnotherapy for Confidence
boost confidence and self-esteem with hypnotherapy
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