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Gemma - 30 Mar 2011
I am sat in my boyfriends house writing this review and if it wasn't for Garry that would not have happened. I suffered with anxiety when going out dating and it was making me feel physically sick. Maybe not a subject that easy to talk about but Garry put me at ease and very obviously didn't judge me so I could share my troubles and with hypnotherapy he taught me how to cope with different scenarios so I could face my fears and meet different people and go to different places with them. I looked forward to and enjoyed our sessions but more than that it has helped me to continue doing the things a 30 year old should when the doctors could not understand let alone help.*

Mary M. - Apr 2013
When I first went to see Garry I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had been given a very bad prognosis.My fear was overwhelming. I felt like a frantic dog trapped in a room that was on fire: there was no escape, no safety, no resting place from fear. I was in a perpetual state of anxiety and depression. I was also in a state of shock, that this had happened to me, and the depth of my sadness at the thought of leaving my family is difficult to quantify. Garry threw me a lifeline - literally.I confess that at one point the thought of taking my own life was a source of comfort. Garry listened to me and provided desperately needed support. He tailored the hypnosis to take account of my situation, needs , likes and personality. He explained to me the reasons why I was feeling and responding in the ways I was. This was a great relief to me as I felt as if I was losing my mind. He taught me how to relax my body and once again take control of my thoughts. His expertise is unquestionable and I would not hesitate to recommend him. Garry is utterly professional and a genuinely kind and lovely person. He also has an amazingly relaxing voice! I am pleased to say that after seeking a second opinion I have been given a much more positive outlook and I feel much more optimistic. In my darkest hours when it would have been so easy to give up, Garry held up a light that kept me going. *

Jan - 11/12/2014
I'm so very happy with the outcome of my course. 
I have recommended you to several people who, if they added up what they spend on 'filling the void' instead of thinking about the cost of each session, would so benefit from giving themselves their real selves chance to grow.
As you may remember, my main goal was to sleep for 5 hours a night - I can happily tell you that 99% of the time I sleep for 6 hours and only have the occasional restless, mind churning nights. I have never forgotten the 3 day rule - if I can't control the adrenalin/cortisol surge I know that it will go away after 3 days so no big panic. Life changing for me.
With the confidence of making the right choices for myself following the course, I took early retirement and now work part time. More time for me and the things I want to do.  OK not so much money but I don't need all those clothes and the stuff I gathered to stave off the realisation of how bleak my life was.
I moved to a simple life but one where I find peace and contentment most of the time. I also know that should I want to change to do something else, I am in control of my life - no one controls it for me.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
PS... you were also right about my weight stabilising now that I don't constantly think about food and filling the hole in my sole. I now eat what I feel like eating and enjoy every bite, there's no 'being naughty' or 'being good' and the result is I'm a steady 58 kilos - big change again from the 74 kilos I was when I started this journey.*

Cookinski - 1 Apr 2011
At my wits end with Agoraphobia I took advice , counselling and therapy from Garry. Just the things he asked and said were thought provoking in it's self and before we even started treatment I knew I had come to the right place. It's easy to tie yourself up in knots inside your mind with thoughts, fears, trauma and problems. Garry unravelled my head and made me see clearer, defining my problems showing me the path to recovery. *

Phil - Apr 2011
I took part in several hypnotherapy sessions with Garry to help with an area of my life that I was having difficulty with.
I found Garry to be very friendly and laid back, which helps when you are new to this!
The sessions were a great, not only did they help against my problem but they made me feel so relaxed afterwards and helped with my confidence.
I would recommend Garry to anyone looking to have hypnotherapy.*

Kelly - 15 Nov 2011
After struggling with anxiety, depression and
post traumatic stress disorder in the past, I had tried every form of counselling and medication. I went to see Garry as a last hope really and it was amazing. I was very sceptical of hypnotherapy but it worked for me and Garry made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. My self esteem has really lifted and my anxiety has lessened. I am back to being my old self and feel great!
Update Mar 2013:
I found the sessions exceptionally helpful. Since moving back to Australia, I am handling things so much better and I no longer have panic attacks! ...I wish you could move to Canberra too! *

Ali - 28 Nov 2011
I took my ten year old son to see Garry, in the hope that we could help him with his extreme fear and anxieties associated with loud noises - especially fireworks. There were a few weeks to go before bonfire night so we had a deadline to try to work towards!!. Garry was very flexible about fitting in sessions to suit us. My son made an instant connection with Garry and very quickly believed that he was going to be helped to lose his fear. He thoroughly enjoyed going to all of his sessions and said that they made him feel very relaxed. After a couple of sessions he asked if we could buy some quiet fireworks to set off at Halloween, and within another week he was enjoying an extremely loud firework display. The transformation was amazing!! We are so pleased with the end result of the sessions, but more importanlty feel that our son has now been given a 'tool' that he can use throughout the rest of his life. We would definitely recommend Garry to others. *

Hayriye - 22 May 2011
Garry has a very relaxing voice which is perfect for hypnotherapy. He puts you at ease immediately. Over several sessions he helped me improve my self-confidence and let go of feelings from a past relationship that were holding me back. Garry is very easy to talk to which makes it easy to openly talk about what's bothering you. Would definitely recommend Garry.*

Ian - Mar 2013
I'm able to draw on the skills I learnt in our sessions to counteract stressors and think a lot about nipping anxiety in the bud before it sets up a whole cortisol scenario.

So thanks once again for your kindness and for helping me find calmness*

Fletch - 27 Apr 2011
Gary helped turn my life around inside 2 months and set me on the road to recovery. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary's services. A truly great therapist.*

Rachel - Mar 2013
Your sessions really helped me, thank you! *

Hypnotherapy Derby

Hypnotherapy Derby

Clare - 26 June 2013
Hypnotherapy has changed my life completely!! I had a morbid fear of vomiting. The fear controlled my life to the point where I was having up to 4 panic attacks per day. Garry changed all that. He taught me the easy techniques and how to relax. I can honestly say that I am a different person now. I have more confidence, I have not had a panic attack since and I no longer live in fear of vomit or the issues I had surrounding it.*

Natalie - 11/12/2014
Really helped me - thanks Garry!*

Lucy - 28 May 2011
I went to see Garry because of my anxiety
problems. I found Garry very friendly and understanding. He made me feel very at ease and comfortable. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and I was able to completely let go. It definately made a difference to my anxiety issues and the techniques I was given had an effect almost straight away. I would definatley recommend Garry.*

Steve - 11/12/2014
I was extremely pleased with the results of the hypnotherapy sessions I had with you and always recommend your services when the opportunity arises.†I managed a few presentations last year (unimaginable before hypnotherapy!) Prior to meeting you I had had a series of disappointing attempts at hypnotherapy with other practitioners. Looking back, I think the key difference was your ability to explain in a straightforward manner some of the complicated biological processes which occur within the human body that were contributing towards my anxiety . †This background detail, combined with an overview of the science behind †the treatments removed all the 'mystery' around the process of hypnotherapy and put into context what the the sessions you tailored for me were designed to achieve. Once again, thank you for having such a positive impact on my professional (and personal) development..*

Mary W. - Apr 2013
I am an academic and giving presentations, lectures etc is a large part of my work. Unfortunately I started to experience panic attacks whilst giving these presentations. I was overwhelmed with anxiety and worried that I would have to leave my job. Garry taught me about what was happening in my brain and in my body during these panic attacks and really helped me to realise that I could learn techniques to control my nerves. He made me feel comfortable very quickly and is very easy to talk to. In our hypnotherapy sessions he taught me to visualise myself giving presentations and how to anchor myself in order to feel relaxed. Two days after our first session I was able to give a two hour lecture and since then my ability to manage my nerves has grown and grown. I would really recommend Garry to anyone who feels they can benefit from hypnotherapy.*

Nige - 28 Apr 2011
Dating and getting to know a partner used to be so stressful to me, for many years I had to suffer with unwanted trust insecurities in my partners through no fault of there's! My anxiety was one of believing I was always going to be cheated on, and feeling they would find someone else more appealing! Garry's hypnotherapy helped me recognise the signs of anxiety and how it would affect me physically and influence me mentally, combined with this knowledge and the relaxing therapy I'm now in a place where I can trust my partner, and more importantly feel completely happy within myself. As a result I'm now in a very happy loving relationship and can enjoy the loving experience to the full with a totally relaxed and trusting frame of mind, the way I wished to always feel and be my true self and not one who stresses or doubts the one I love, and I can now give true trust and love! I only wish I had tried the therapy sooner as it has made such a major change in my life, so if you recoginse how I used to feel I would recommend you book today. Thank you Garry most sincerely for all you have done for me.*

Tom - Mar 2013
I was asked by my friend to be his Best Man. This immediately set my heart pounding as I knew I would have to make a speech. I have spent most of my life avoiding situations like this, from secondary school, university and through my early career I have been terrified of public speaking, becoming nervous, sweaty, getting a shaky voice and general all round embarrassment about the situation. However this was to be one time where I would have to make that speech. I thought about the speech every day for several months after accepting the role and decided I would do something about my fear as I did not want to let my best friend down on his big day.

I contacted Gary and he immediately contacted me and was a friendly comforting and understanding voice. He put me at ease on the phone and I decided to make an appointment. After several sessions with Gary I found myself more confident and was putting what he taught me into practice. I have always been a huge sceptic when it comes to things like hypnotherapy but I can honestly say that it worked wonders for me. Not only was I able to give the speech at my friends wedding, but I also took the plunge and married my long term girlfriend and was able to make a speech at my own wedding. Believe it or not I was putting off getting married for fear of having to make a speech, my fear was that bad that I could not do what now I can say was the best day of my life. After that I was asked again to be Best Man for another one of my friends and without hesitation I was able to accept the role and not live in fear during the lead up to the wedding.

I was so surprised that I was not becoming nervous and panicking like I used to at the thought of speaking in public any more . It was such a relief and I believe has helped me in work as well, I now feel far more confident and have moved on in my life as I can speak more eloquently in public.

Thank you Gary for all your help. Your therapy has greatly improved my life, for which I am very grateful.*

Hypnotherapy Derby

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*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.


Hypnotherapy Derby

Hypnotherapy Derby

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

Shivana - Mar 2013
I had been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for years and tried a host of different remedies , Meds , herbs, change in diet etc. None of them were helping. When I first saw Garry I was at my lowest , feeling that I would not ever get relief and have to live in fear forever. I can now say that I no longer feel that way. He gave me tools to manage my anxiety and also removed unhelpful thinking and after only a few sessions I started to get my life back. I am eternally grateful to Garry for all his help.*

Barbara - 11/12/2014
When I first went to see Garry I was suffering from depression and anxiety† to the extent that I was considering taking medication. The sessions have enabled me to no longer feel unnecessary stress and have helped me feel like the person I like to be. I smile a lot more, I am relaxed and calm, I can help others more without letting their problems get me down, I sleep better and look after myself better. Also I have much less physical pain-AMAZING STUFF! Still feeling good- thanks Garry*

David - 11/12/2014
Honestly, without your sessions I feel like my life would be a lot different right now and I would probably be on a path completely different to the one I am taking now so for that I am extremely grateful. ... I no longer believe anxiety will stop me from doing the things that I want to do ever again..*

Chris - 11/12/2014
I bit my nails for nearly 40 years but after 3 sessions with you I haven't even thought about biting them again! Really appreciate what you did.*

Joanne - 11/12/2014
I was in London yesterday and went on the tube - I'm now the proud owner of an Oyster card! Thanks Garry for everything. (ex-train/tube phobia).*

Jos - 11/12/2014
I went to see Garry due to my longstanding fear of flying.† When I was a teenager I used to step on a plane just the same as if I was getting on a train but then at some time during my mid twenties I † started to get panic attacks the day before I was due to fly.† The drive to the airport was greeted with a feeling of doom.† Over the years I have still flown on occasion but, if the train/ferry was an option, I would steer the holiday that way.† It is ironic that my husbandís work involves him flying all over the world and he has never put me under any pressure, until this year that is!† It was a special birthday for him and he wanted us to spend it somewhere in South Asia.† I so wanted to make the trip but, again, booking the holiday was something I couldnít commit to.† I decided to make an appointment to see Garry.† I had no idea really what hypnotherapy entailed and the way I would describe it would be deep relaxation. † Garry taught me techniques to control my rising panic from leaving the house to getting on the plane.† He also turned around the negative thoughts about flying to positive ones.† The day arrived when we were to go to the airport for an evening flight lasting 7 hours followed by a wait at an airport and then a flight for a further 4 hours.† Using the techniques Garry taught me I didnít have any negative thoughts on the first flight and on the second flight I was amazed to find that I stepped on it as if I was getting on a train.† I had a very slight Ďblipí on one of the return flights, due to turbulence that I hadnít experienced before, but I used the techniques and managed to curb any potential for rising panic.† I would strongly recommend Garry to anyone who has a fear of flying.† I had the holiday of a lifetime which would not have been possible if I had not made that first step and made an appointment.†*

Debbie - 14 Dec 2011
I saw Garry Dunmore for my phobia about spiders which I have had for all my 46 years. I used to be in blind panic every time I came into contact with or saw a spider. Within 5 sessions I was able to very calmly approach a spider, collect it in the glass and put it outside without the slightest fear. This was really quite incredibly and I'm very glad I finally got around to tackling something that has given me fear for so many years. On top of that, the technique Garry taught me, is also useful for many other situations where one might find oneself panicking or frightened. I'm so impressed with the treatment and recommend anyone to give it a try! *

John - 25 Oct 2011
Heavy Gambling + Smoking Addiction. My first reason for seeing Garry was that I had a very heavy gambling addiction which had spiralled out of control, i had tried many methods of self exclusion but still found a way to have a bet. This was causing huge issues in my relationship with my partner,family and BANK!!! so I took the plunge and visited Garry, initially I was sceptical but after the first session I was feeling refreshed and motivated, another 4-5 sessions and a couple of months later my treatment had finished, that was back in September 2010 and honestly haven't ever felt the urge to ever bet again even in some very vunerable stituations. After time had elapsed I decided to try and see if I could kick my smoking habit through hypnotherapy so in April this year i visited Garry AGAIN, this was a single longer session, i found after the session for a couple of days I was fighting the urge to have a cigarette, however never once was i defeated where normally I would have given in and i'm now seven months smoke free. i have tried the nicorette patches and champix all before but always started again after a month or so. In both of my cases as you can guess I was hit very hard in the wallet and also the emotional stakes, Garry has helped me face my responsibilities and saved a sinking ship. I would recommend Garry 100% *

Ben - Mar 2013
I definitely think the sessions helped me a lot. Over the last year I have had very few spells of worry or anxiety - if I find myself becoming anxious about an issue I clench my left fist and think of something else and it goes away. I've had the odd morning where I have woken up early worring about a work issue or something but have been able to control it, sort the issue that day and move on.

I'd recommend the sessions to anyone....*

Hypnotherapy Derby

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